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For all you pasta lovers out there — Does pasta make you feel full, bloated, gassy? It may be the wheat, which today is hybridized, meaning it is crossed with other grains for higher yield, equalling fewer nutrients and 2x the gluten content. So what is gluten? It’s the sticky protein found in wheat and it can be allergenic, triggering systemic inflammation which can be the source of many ailments from weight gain to diabetes, autoimmune and chronic issues. There are varying degrees of gluten intolerance ranging from full-blown allergy to sensitivity and symptoms are not limited to digestive issues.  Some experience headaches, anxiety, joint pain and fatigue. As you can see from this list, gluten is hidden in many foods so if you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, try removing gluten from your diet for a while and see if you get relief. Either way, try some of these pastas; they taste great and are so much easier to digest.  Your body will thank you…


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